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Hey guys just a quick post as I’ve been ghost,
as you know me I’m a bargain shopper and so I managed to get this palette from Poundland actually. It’s from a brand called esprit and that’s as far as I know but here is where you can get it from online (click here) from just 2.65 again, the shade it sunset brown.

So yeah I’ve been trying to get my hand on a neutral palette for myself and one day I’ll get the wet n wild vanity palette but I’m on a ban to buy makeup from abroad at the moment lool. So this palette is perfect and I’m not complaining as to the price, I actually wear it without a primer so u can imagine how it is with..! So here’s the pics I will take pictures later on in the day of a closer view but here’s a video of me using the palette. Let me know what you think do you know of any other good neutral palettes?



-Lashes worn:

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