Application & Care Instructions



  1. Carefully remove the eyelash from the packaging using tweezers to pick the corner of the eyelash band.
  2. Groom and trim any excess length of the eyelash to correctly fit your eyes.
  3. Holding the eyelash apply your desired glue along the eyelash band, once the glue is tacky apply as close as possible to your own lash line from above the eye.
  4. Once applied, leave for a minute and then press both your natural and fake lashes together to blend simultaneously.



  • To remove your falsies, it's best to use waterproof eye makeup remover such as wipes, micellar water etc.
  • If lashes appear hard to remove, apply some oil to the lashline to soften up the glue,preferably Johnsons Baby Oil and apply to the eye using cotton pad.
  • Look after your lashes by replacing them back in their packaging when not in use.
  • NEVER sleep with your lashes on, they will bend and you may lose its hair strands.